Islamic Educational Centre Ladysmith

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide quality Islamic and academic education.

  • To nurture a strong sense of Allah - Consciousness.

  • To uphold principles of Islam in our daily lives.

  • To entrench Islamic values and morality.

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Representative Council of Learners:

The control and management of IEC is of course the responsibility of the teaching and management staff. However, due to the growing number of students at the school, some of these responsibilities are delegated to the Representative Council of Learners.

The R. C. L. is a group of students that have been selected by teachers as well as their peers to manage and control discipline amongst the students. The R. C. L. members are selected near the end of the school year, from the grade 11 class, and shall be tasked with maintaining control and order among all students throughout their grade 12 year. A Head Girl and Head Boy as well as Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy are selected to manage the R. C. L.

The R. C. L. members for this year are:

  • Head Boy: Shuaib Seedat

  • Head Girl: Masudah Sader

  • Deputy Head Boy: Tariro Magora

  • Deputy Head Girl: Sameera Moola

  • Abdurrahman Lari

  • Yusrah Khan

  • Fathima Chupty

  • Fathima Mohammed

  • Najlah Seedat

  • Nabeela Abdul-Gaffur

  • Fathima Asmal

  • Zahraa Vawda

  • Fathima Moosa

  • Fathima Selepe

  • Tayyibah Bassa

For a full list of the R. C. L. responsibilities, please go to the Code of Conduct page and download the Policy for R. C. L.