Islamic Educational Centre Ladysmith

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide quality Islamic and academic education.

  • To nurture a strong sense of Allah - Consciousness.

  • To uphold principles of Islam in our daily lives.

  • To entrench Islamic values and morality.

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Islamic Learning:

Religious Studies:

Religious Studies is taught from an early stage and is based on Islam. Some of the topics covered in the classes are:

  • Fundamentals of Faith

  • Tafseer

  • Stories of the Prophets

  • Lives of the Companions

  • Salaah, Wudu and Ghusal

  • Manners/values based on narrations of the Prophet (SAW)

  • Marriage and Divorce

Arabic and Qur’an:

The cornerstone of our education is the emphasis on the Arabic language and the Qur’an. Children from as early as Grade R are introduced to the Arabic language, and this development of the language is continued through to senior level. The Qur’an is taught by qualified practitioners in the traditional science of Tajweed. All learners are encouraged not only to memorize as much of the Qur’an as they are able to by rote, but also to understand the meaning of the verses and ensure that they implement its principles and rules on a holistic basis, in all spheres of their lives.