Islamic Educational Centre Ladysmith

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide quality Islamic and academic education.

  • To nurture a strong sense of Allah - Consciousness.

  • To uphold principles of Islam in our daily lives.

  • To entrench Islamic values and morality.

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News and Announcements:

The IEC Ladysmith Website is up!!

Finally, after many months of rumours, whispers and waiting, IEC is finally online. This is a step forward for us as a technologically advanced school.

For now, this website is being used to attract possible new students and provide information about the school. But soon enough, we shall be rolling out an online teaching programme that will allow students to access class notes and communicate with their teachers and peers in a safe, user-friendly discussion forum.

This programme will also allow parents to communicate directly with teachers and have full access to their child’s grades and disciplinary record.

If you require any more information about the website or have encountered a problem, please send us an email at