Islamic Educational Centre Ladysmith

Our Mission Statement:

  • To provide quality Islamic and academic education.

  • To nurture a strong sense of Allah - Consciousness.

  • To uphold principles of Islam in our daily lives.

  • To entrench Islamic values and morality.

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A section 21 non-profit independent school in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal.

With the onset of democracy in South Africa in 1994, members of the Ummah undertook to consider the feasibility of an independent Muslim school in Ladysmith that would provide Islamic education to young children. On 5 February 1995, an inaugural meeting of the Shura was convened at the Riverview Social Club, to consider among other things, the state of government schools, the lowering of academic standards and the growing threat of racialism in institutions. It was resolved that the establishment of an Islamic school will strengthen Islamic awareness in children, provide a defined disciplined environment and the consolidation of Islamic values. In addition, there was broad consensus that the new school should be a community affair and that it should reflect the needs and aspirations of the Ummah.

At that ground-breaking meeting, the following members volunteered to serve as Shura Committee members:


  • M. Darsot

  • M. I. Y. Asmal

  • Dr. M. Mulla

  • O. F. Moola

  • D. M. Seedat

  • D. Vawda

  • A. M. Kharva

  • Dr. M. Sader

  • T. Tassool

  • O. Maither

  • I. Khan

  • Dr. A. Adam

  • Dr. D. Sardiwalla

  • A. Asmal

  • C. M. Sardiwalla

  • M. Moola

The first meeting was generally a `think tank’ that focused on the need for an Islamic school, the size of the school, teachers, accommodation, facilities for boys and girls and finance. It was agreed that the school would open in January 1997 but there were no adequate premises to accommodate the staff and children. There was an initial arrangement that accommodation would be provided by a fraternal organization; this did not materialize but through the grace of Allah Ta’lah, The Riverview Social Club offered the use of its premises at no cost. Hansa’s Plastics from Durban donated plastic bricks for the sub division of the hall into classrooms. On 17 January 1997, the school opened its doors at the Riverview Social Club with four classrooms, from Grade O to Grade 3. A total of 77 learners were enrolled for the academic year.

Acknowledging that this was a temporary arrangement, the Shura pursued it vision for a vacant piece of land that would provide the basis of a new school. The situation was bleak as there was limited vacant land that was available in Ladysmith, but through the generosity and magnanimity of Hajee Suleman Ismail Asmal of Bergville, the erf at 40 Simla Road was donated to the school. Two of Ladysmith’s former residents, Ahmed Saeed Seedat and Ahmed Saeed Vawda provided assistance in the planning and construction phase of the school, and Hajee Osman Suleman Moola of Ideal Homes volunteered to build the school.

On 01 January 1999, the Islamic Education Centre officially opened its doors on its present site.